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Hi, and welcome to Will & Tess - Will Writers in Kent! 
Will & Tess was established in 2021 with a view to educating Kent of the benefits of Estate Planning at all stages of life. From the adoption of a furry friend to marriage or the birth of your first child and anything in between. But Will & Tess are actually fictional characters created as a play-on-words representing our specialty...Estate Planning - also known as your last Will & Testament. But, who created Will & Tess? 
My name is Jack, and I am a Will Writer and the Founder of Will & Tess. Upon reflection, I am surprised that I have taken to Will Writing, as it was never something that I planned to explore. I was an Estate Agent who wanted a change. So, I took on a job as a Legal Secretary within a Conveyancing department in a small town Law Firm. Within a couple of months of being there, I had enrolled myself into Law School and progressed into an Assistant post. As my studies progressed and I undertook more of the exams, I found myself moving into the Private Client department also as a Legal Assistant as I continued to study. I undertook works assisting a Solicitor in the drafting of Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, and the administration of Probate Estates until I soon became responsible for the Conveyancing of the sale of Probate properties that I was assisting in the administration of. 
Will & Tess - Will Writers Kent
Not long after that, I took a small career break to settle my new family and when I returned to work, I joined the Civil Service with the intention of learning more about the Courts Service before returning to Private Practice. However, things never really worked out that way. I completed the required Law modules but, I haven't returned to Private Practice. I still work within the Courts Service, as the Court Manager for a Crown Court, but one thing that did continue was the fact that I have since then continued to draft Wills. Albeit for friends and family but I have really enjoyed sharing what I know with people to ensure that their wishes are carried out once they are no longer with us. Which is why I then formed Will & Tess. To create louder noise for as many across Kent to hear about the benefits of Estate Planning through out all varieties of events in life. 
There is more than meets the eye, though. I am a Court Manager & Will Writer but also, I am a father and husband. I enjoy Sailing and absolutely cannot stand going to the Gym, or any exercise, really. I am passionate about Mental Health and especially Men's Mental Health, and have taken part in fund-raising events including those run by the Campaign Against Living Misserably (CALM)
There really is not much else to say about me. But check back in this time next month for another Blog Post. Where next time, I'll be writing about the importance of writing a Will. 
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