Why should I make a Will? 

Making a Will is not a legal requirement. However, making a Will does mean that your intentions regarding the distribution of your Estate after you pass away become legally binding. This inlcudes guardianship clauses for children in your care, funeral wishes and even organ donation. 
Without a valid Will, your Estate will pass under the Rules of Intestacy outlined in the Administration of Estates Act 1925. More information on the Rules of Intestacy that can be found on our Intestacy page

There is no ‘one size fits all' Will & Testament. 

Not here or anywhere out there. A Will & Testament is unique to each person. Even a mirror Will is unique to one half of the couple. Therefore, below is a guide to our pricing structure but just as bespoke as your Will & Testament will our prices be. 

Pricing Guide: 

Single Will: 
Mirror Wills: 
£100.00 to £150.00 
£175.00 to £250.00 
A single simple Will or two simple Mirror Wills disposing of assets in the Estate and including a guardianship clause, funeral wishes and organ donation wishes, if required. 
£175.00 to £250.00 
£275.00 to £350.00 
A single Will or two Mirror Wills including a guardianship clause, funeral wishes and organ donation wishes, if required, and the provision of a trust, including life interest, right to live and discretionary trust.  
Drafting additional document including codicil, statement of wishes, memorandum of chattels, deed of revocations and more. 

Contact Will & Tess for a bespoke quote: 

Please don’t leave estate planning to the last minute - Will & Tess Will Writers in Gillingham Kent will help you understand your way round making a brand new will, which will give you peace of mind so you know your loved ones are protected from the financial impact of a life-changing event. 
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